Goodbye Butterfly (2021)

Goodbye, Butterfly (2021)

Ryan (Adam Donchik) lives happily with his family, and has a 5-year-old daughter, Mia (Addison Ross), whom he loves and pampers. The little girl is killed, the police are baffled in their investigation and they reach a dead end. Ryan remains convinced that his eccentric neighbor, Stan (Andrew Lauer), is the killer. Ryan's life begins to spiral out of control, while his wife, Jesse (Jennifer Adams), leaves him and Detective Ivy Hammett (Mary Burke) has no substantial evidence to follow. So Ryan decides to take justice into his own hands. While spying around his residence with binoculars, he can follow Stan sitting at his dining room table holding the butterfly clip that Ryan's daughter wore the day she was murdered. Ryan remembers the police searching Stan's house, finding nothing, not even a hair clip. The police ignore Ryan's suspicions, and Ryan Grove's obsession quickly turns violent. It begs the question: How far will you go to achieve justice?


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